25 Apr 2012

-Ray Life-

Holla moi name is Flarisha Francis Falenas, and yeah I’m half french and irish. I live wif my momma and dadda in Dublin now.

My dad is Ferid Egan Falenas he’s from Lyon, France and my mom is Arshtat Jade Roosevelt she’s from Dublin, Ireland.

I have one brother he’s 5yrs older than me, his name is Freyjadour Francis Falenas. He’s in Paris now, to continue his collage there.

Although I’ve a frenchman in my blood, I can’t speak french. Well yeah my dadda is move out from Lyon to Dublin when he’s 10y.o, but he still speak french sometimes, he still has his french accent. He teach us o’course. I’m not good enough but my brother is quite good :/

My mom is an Irish she’s born, grown up and live in Ireland. But IDK where she got tha ‘Arshtat’ name I think tha is a french name ?? :o Maybe my grand grand grand grandfather is from france ?? Hahaha, she can speak gaelic good enough, she born in sligo but move put to Dublin when she 12y.o

My brother is 5years older than me, he got a students exchange program in Paris Descartes University take a science of humanity majors. Wow :o he’s a very smart person, I’m very proud of him. I love him so much the best brother in da world I think ;) I miss him already. He’s went to Paris this early year. Hmm tha why no doubt I’m a lil bit brother complex :p

Ok that’s all bout my fam haha. Now bout me yeahh.
I’m 18y.o. now I take a social science major in Trinity College Dublin. I’m 170cm, 53kg wif a baby blue eyes and straight brown hair. I’m a tomboy. Yeah a lil bit. But I still like wear a dress sometime. I love music very much, but I’m very old-school girl. My favorite singer is Mariah Carey. She is so amazingggggg I just had a dream tha someday I’ll meet her. Because I’m an old-school girl I don’t know who is popular right now, yeah but I don’t really care bout tha. No I active in Ray Life, it is my family foundation for a children cance.


24 Apr 2012

Markus Michael Patrick Feehily

holla guys back to me again :)

now i'll introduce you my man, a man who turn my life so beautiful :)
he is Markus Michael Patrick Feehily :D

watch out for my AWZM man !!! there he is :*


he's cute huh ???
he's AWZM huh ???
he's handsome huh ???


20 Apr 2012

my messy blog

holla guys !!!!

whoop.whoop finally im back !!! yeahhh :o
ok nothing to ask, i'll tidy up my blog now see u soon :*

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